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Short Term Consumer Loans

Welcome to our website, we offer a service of flexible and straight forward short term loans. Its important when considering your lending options that you take the time to understand exactly what products and services are available and that’s why we would like to invite you to understand our service. 

Our team has been working in the short term loans market for a number of years and as a result we have developed important knowledge regarding what needs to form a successful online loan product. Firstly we have come to understand the main reason consumer’s need these type of loans is because often an unexpected or unplanned expense presents itself. These are the expenses we could not have planned for in advance and therefore fall outside of our normal bills we repay normally. A typical example would be a broken car in need of repair or an emergency vet bill. When these type of costs present themselves we have to be able to act fast to avoid further stress and maybe even worry. That’s why one of the key elements of these type of loans needs to be speed.

Speed of course is not the only important key feature but it does need to found a foundation and that’s what we have aimed to achieve here. We do this by offering you, our potential customer, an online based application form which can be completed at whatever time is best for you, our website is available 24 hours a day. Also the application itself is easy to follow and won’t take you very much longer than 10 minutes to complete. We continue our desire to make our service quick and efficient by applying our understanding of the market to our decision making process. This means we will review your application in a timely manner and deliver our decision as soon as it is ready. Through the application it is our lending teams aim to gather all the important information needed to make an informed and effective lending decision.

As well as offering efficient short term loans where you will receive a lending decision quickly, we also offer a flexible product which has a fee free application. This means you can apply for one of our loans and whether you are successful or not, you will not be charged a fee for doing so. We think this is really important in ensuring the overall product we offer is consumer friendly and affordable.

Representative Example

£200 borrowed for 90 days at an interest rate of 264% (variable). Total amount repayable £291.18. Total Interest: £91.18. 993% APR representative 

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk


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